PHYSEEbility Check

Our tailor-made PHYSEEbility Check consists of a detailed solar study, facade analysis, climate research and comfort study. This details the full potential our SmartSkin can offer your construction or renovation project and how we can transform your building into a comfortable, smart and sustainable eco-system.


1. Low-tech input, high-tech output

With the mere input of 2D technical drawings of your building are we able to completely map it in a 3D environment, visualising sunlight distribution on your building over the course of a day as well as a year.

2. Optimised Data Analysis

From our 3D projection of your building, the building environment and sun path mapping, we can calculate a potential solar energy yield and predict indoor climate optimisation.

3. PHYSEEbility Report

We translate our analysis into three SmartSkin packages: PHYSEE Connect, PHYSEE Comfort and PHYSEE Complete. Ranging from autonomous climate censoring to energy neutrality and automated climate control. Choose which packages meet your goals and ambitions best.

Take a look at an example Commercial PHYSEEbility Check we did.

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Thanks to this engineering study, BPD was able to gain clear insight of how sustainable innovation can serve the residents of the Coberco area in Arnhem.
René Steman, BPD Senior Project Manager, Project : Coberco

PHAROS, Hoofddorp

SmartSkin is providing PHAROS with sustainable energy and a healthy, comfortable work environment.
Gyula Öry, Development Director at Cairn Real Estate


Commercial Redevelopment