About SmartSkin

We are changing the perspective of building facades. From conducting our solar analysis, the PHYSEEbility Check, to harnessing the power of the sun and gathering data from our sensors, we are transforming buildings into smart, powerful and sustainable eco-systems. Welcome to your connected facade: SmartSkin.


Experience step-by-step how SmartSkin can create a smart, sustainable and comfortable building without impacting the architectural design.

What Smartskin can do

Our SmartSkin technology has been developed to tackle various challenges at the same time. We lower energy consumption whilst simultaneously generating electricity. Increasing comfort and productivity as we go. Learn more about our technology below.


We have a patented technology that integrates solar cells into your glass and harnesses electricity from the sun. These PowerWindows are the first building blocks of your SmartSkin.


Sensors upgrade PowerWindows to SmartWindows, which combine sensor data, weather conditions and user settings to reduce your building’s energy consumption up to 20%.


Everything is connected to EESY (our Energy Efficient SYstem), which stores and distributes power, communicates data and calculates ideal room settings to increase your comfort levels.


Together with 3rd party facade applications, we optimise your room settings and reduce energy consumption, turning your facade into the SKIN of a building. We offer all our SmartSkin components in the flavour you want: double glazing, triple glazing, HR++, low U-values, integrated sun-blinds and tint-able glass.


Together with our partners we can even make your building 100% energy neutral by installing additional solar panels and geothermal storage solutions.

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The SmartSkin technology is composed of POWER, SMART, EESY and SKIN. We are on the continuous mission to add new components and features that operate within the our SmartSkin. Take a look at what we have developed so far.


SmartSkin is an open technology that allows products from other brands to operate within the SmartSkin network. Together with supplying partners we will continuously add 3rd party products to improve the energy efficiency of your building.

Our SmartSkin can save your building energy costs. Conduct the PHYSEEBility Check intake to find out what your building is missing.